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House rules

Circle Jam Festival Carinthia| Austria

The following house rules apply throughout the event area. There is also an English version; however, in case of doubt, the German version should be consulted.

1. Liability:

The organizer assumes no liability for visitors who are still on the event premises after the end of the event or re-enter after its closure. Visitors must strictly adhere to the bathing hours (see point 7c) and leave the festival grounds after the closing time.

2. Identification:

Every guest is required to carry a valid officially recognized photo ID.

3. Festival Area:

a. All visitors to the event venues must ensure that they do not impair, endanger, or disturb the well-being of others. They should also ensure that no damage occurs to the structures, facilities, equipment, or objects. b. It is clearly stated that all participants must take appropriate protective measures in the event of severe weather (e.g., heavy rain, storm, lightning) at their own responsibility. In particular, staying under trees or in the immediate vicinity of technical installations or tents should be avoided, as this may pose a potential hazard. c. Any form of violence is strictly prohibited at the event. Those who violate this rule will be immediately expelled from the event premises and may be reported to the appropriate authorities. d. The sound level at this event exceeds 93 dB and can endanger hearing. It is strongly recommended, especially in the vicinity of the stage areas, to wear ear protection. Free hearing protection is available at the info point on the premises.

4. Camping Rules:

a. Camping is only permitted in designated areas. The marked pathways (escape routes) must be kept clear at all times. Please follow the instructions of the security personnel and on-site staff. b. Camping is only allowed for persons aged 18 and over. c. Any kind of open fire is strictly prohibited in the camping area. It is prohibited to cook or grill with gas or charcoal in the camping areas. d. Waste separation is mandatory. Please use the provided trash containers and dispose of the waste properly. e. The use of glass containers in the camping area is not allowed. Please use plastic or aluminum containers instead. f. Upon departure, it is mandatory to leave the site as found. Tents, trash, items, etc., must be taken away or disposed of in the designated trash bins. g. The organizer only assumes responsibility and liability for any damages suffered by visitors on the campsite if the damage was caused intentionally or by gross negligence by the organizers or their representatives or helpers. Therefore, the organizers are not liable for personal or property damages. h. Vehicles of any kind are prohibited. (Cars, motor scooters, electric scooters, bicycles, etc.) i. The organizer of the Circle Jam Festival cannot be held liable for damages, loss or theft, as well as for any other accidents on the entire premises.

5. Parking:

a. Please park only in the designated festival parking areas. Follow the instructions of the parking attendants for efficient use of space. b. Camping or grilling on the parking lots is not allowed. c. The Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) apply: All traffic participants on the festival premises must observe the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations. Violations can lead to legal consequences. By parking on the festival premises, visitors agree to comply with these parking rules and the StVO.

The organizer assumes no liability for damages, theft, or vandalism to vehicles in the parking lot area. Vehicle owners park at their own risk, and the festival organizers disclaim any responsibility for possible damages or losses.

6. Environmental Protection:

a. Please respect nature. Leave your camp and the festival grounds as you found them. b. Plucking plants, felling trees, digging holes, and disturbing wildlife are prohibited. c. Use environmentally friendly products where possible.

7. Safety:

a. Please follow the instructions of the security personnel, festival staff, police, rescue service, as well as instructions communicated via loudspeaker systems and video walls. b. Keep valuables with you. The organizer is not liable for lost or missing items or valuables. c. First aid stations are available on site. In case of injuries or medical problems, contact the medical or security personnel.

8. Bathing Area/Swimming Regulations:

a. The organizer allows guests to use the facilities at their own risk in accordance with the provisions of these swimming regulations. b. The organizer cannot completely exclude swimming accidents. In particular, guests themselves are responsible for the dangers and risks associated with engaging in sports activities in the bathing area. c. Access to the bathing lake is only permitted from 08:00 to 21:00. Persons who gain unauthorized access outside of these designated times may be expelled from the festival by the festival organizer, and entry may be denied. d. The organizer is not obliged to supervise minors or physically or mentally impaired persons as well as non-swimmers. e. It is clearly stated that continuous supervision by the organizer’s staff is not ensured in the bathing area. f. The organizer reserves the right to deny access to the lake due to hygienic concerns regarding the condition of the water. Failure to comply with this instruction may result in the visitor being expelled and denied access to the premises.

9. Alcohol and Drugs:

a. The consumption of alcohol is only permitted for persons aged 16 and over, while the consumption of spirits is only permitted from the age of 18. b. The possession and consumption of illegal drugs are strictly prohibited and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

10. Respect:

a. Respect the privacy and personal boundaries of other participants. b. Any form of discrimination, harassment, or violence will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the premises.

11. Animals:

a. Animals of any kind are not allowed on the festival grounds and in the camping area. Except for guide dogs, which must be muzzled and kept on a leash.

12. Waste and Recycling:

a. Please collect your garbage and recycle wherever possible. b. Return reusable cups to the bars or take them home.

13. Compliance with Laws:

a. All participants must comply with local laws and regulations.

Please note that failure to comply with these rules may result in expulsion from the festival grounds. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and wish you an exciting and safe festival experience!”

Let me know if you need any further assistance!